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I work in collaboration with an organization’s stakeholders - board, senior leadership, staff, clients, customers, funders, communities - on strategy and the implementation of creative solutions that match the unique mission, values, goals, and culture of the organization.

I design ingenious products, programs and services based on user-centered research, data, and inclusive design principles.  ​

I design, execute, and report on qualitative and quantitative outcome-centered evaluations of products, programs and services.

My Approach

Humans are amazing creatures who, like all living creatures, have an innate need and ability to adapt to their environment.  Long term change requires the systems that surrounds us - at work, in our financial lives, in healthcare  - to be intentionally designed to provide equitable opportunities. If we build the right systems, equity and justice will follow.


All of my work is based on an analysis of the intersecting systems that influence human behavior.  These systems have evolved over many years to exclude certain groups of people. My work focuses on redesigning these systems to be inclusionary of all with a specific focus on gender, race, age, and class inclusivity.

I have rarely worked with someone with such a work ethic and such diverse skill set. I was most impressed by Melissa's ability to take a large amount of information, synthesize it quickly, and not only make sense of it, but also put it in a way that is easier for others to understand.

Gosia Tomaszewska

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